2014-03-15 - Welcome to the Mesa County Committee of Correspondence
2014-03-15 - Why the Mesa County Committee of Correspondence is important and timely
2014-03-15 - About M.C.C.C.


2017-10-10 - Random thoughts on Fisk v. Delta
2017-08-04 - My response to Anne Landman and the so-called "atheists and free thinkers" of Western Colorado
2015-06-18 - Mesa County's Rampant Social Security Fraud and Judicial Corruption – Isn't It Time To Recall the Commissioners En Masse? (actually published to the MCCC front page on 2015-11-03)
2015-04-07 - How Local Judges' Crimes Have Kept Local Man From Seeing Two Of His Children For 17 Years
2014-11-28 - MC Sheriff's Deputies overreaction to "Banana Man" makes Mesa County the laughing stock of the whole world
2014-11-18 - How to take Mesa County back from the Good Old Boy gang precinct by precinct -- Politics 101
2014-11-04 - New Citizen Media v. Old Vestigial Dinosaur Media -- How to out-compete your local "Good Old Boys"
2014-10-29 - Why I'm voting for Pat Arotin -- Part 2
2014-10-13 - Why I'm voting for Pat Arotin for Mesa County Sheriff
2014-10-09 - Lisa "I Want To Listen" Eckert bans Glade Park man from passing out leaflets
2014-06-19 - Why I'm voting for John Pennington for Mesa County Sheriff
2014-03-20 - Cancer survivor back in race for Mesa County sheriff
2014-03-20 - ACLU files court complaint against Grand Junction's anti-panhandling ordinance

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