Judging the judges

(NOTE: Colorado's court system is completely broken from the top down. The VDM almost never makes public the work product of judges. If the public could see much of it, they would be outraged. Your humble webmaster is in a unique position. Having won a full-blown violation-of-civil rights federal trial with over 200 exhibits, had he hired a lawyer, his attorney fees would have been paid. But since he did the winning work himself, the lawyer monopoly on access to justice refused to accord a monetary value to his work product. In other words a house only has monetary value if it was build by a closed-shop union carpenter. So your humble webmaster is a walking talking poster boy for the unequal protection of law between the legal "profession" and nonbar livestock/citizens. Obviously, such evil discrimination has no rational connection to any remotely compelling government interest. Accordingly (lawyers love words like "accordingly"), if the courts were honest, they would apply the strict scrutiny rule to the discrimination. But that will never happen. It is not for nothing most legislators are lawyers: they want to use government to make money. The birth of M.C.C.C. is specifically designed to fight effectively against that injustice by exposing it. The M.C.C.C. platform will support pdf files. M.C.C.C. intends to oppose the evil unspoken rule that "the judge can do whatever s/he pleases" by publishing judges' orders which are in clear violation of existing law. After all, the judges are supposed to work for us nonbar livestock/citizens, the public pays them, and their work product is owned by the public.



David E. Wilkenson v. Colorado and Mesa County