Directory of political candidate pages

NOTE: The way this directory works is that it will contain an alphabetized list of the M.C.C.C. page/s of local pro-U.S.-Constitution/anti-Good-Old-Boy candidates for all levels of political office. As an example, your humble webmaster will pretend he is running for some imaginary political position. That way candidates and their supporters can display the page, copy the URL and paste the link into whatever medium they desire. Obviously, when M.C.C.C. has some real candidates on this list, we will take down the imaginary example.)


Wilkenson, John - candidate for "Mesa County Minister of Information" (MCMI), an entirely fictitious position. Unfortunately, the equally fictitious position of the Good Old Boys' local "Baghdad Bob" has already been filled by ____________ (you fill in the blank).

Under construction . . .