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If any of you folks out there have ever submitted politically relevant letters and/or other blurbs to the Daily Sentinel and, for whatever reason, the Sentinel chose to not publish your submission, have no fear, you can now get them published here! All you have to do is submit them to the M.C.C.C., using your real name and a valid email address so I can verify your identity, and certify (promise on your word of honor) that you actually did submit your item to the Daily Sentinel on a specific date, and that the Sentinel chose to not publish it.

Submissions which did not meet the Sentinel's 250-300 word limit will be looked upon with disfavor, since they had very little (if any) chance of being published in the Sentinel anyway. Also, submissions may not contain profanity, ad hominem personal attacks, or otherwise libelous and untrue allegations.

Because I know first hand of a situation where two local judicial officers apparently conspired together to deliberately falsify the register of actions and the record on appeal to cover up felonious career-ending criminal behavior (aka "mistakes"), and because I know first hand that the Daily Sentinel had complete solicited access to the story and chose to black out a hugely important story of judicial criminality, I am especially sympathetic to legitimate, scrupulously honest and courageous "whistle blowers".

If I consider your submission to be interesting enough, or important enough, the normal word limit is subject to being waived, at my discretion. This is especially true in "whistle blowing" situations. If you don't think my policy is fair, then build your own website and do things your way.

Nature itself is a free market. When I came to the conclusion that the Daily Sentinel serves only the interests of Power, and that, on occasion, in my opinion, it deliberately chooses to black out legitimate and true stories of government corruption and criminality, I decided to learn how to use computer technology and the Internet to combat the Daily Sentinel's "good Old Boy" BS. In other words, I decided to light a candle rather than sit around and helplessly curse the darkness created by a relatively small bunch of snotty, snide, and cynical self-absorbed and self-anointed elitists who think they're quite clever just because they know which side their financial bread is buttered on.

If you like my idea, tell all your friends about this important anti-monopoly Internet resource. And tell any unpublished friends you may have to take heart because they can now get their unpublished Sentinel submissions published here. And tell all your friends to tell all their friends about this "standing against the dinosaur media's monopoly on news" website. The greater the readership this column (and one's like it) enjoys, the less successful will be the dinosaur media's manipulative attempts to control the public's awareness of what is going on.

The way this column works is that each submission will receive it's own page, which will be titled and linked below, newest to oldest. That page can include texts, links, and video embedding. You can then click on the link and send the URL of your submission page to all your friends. That's the best I can do at the level of skill I have for now.

John Wilkenson, Editor and Publisher
P.O Box 511
Grand Junction, CO 81502-0511


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