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(NOTE: Mesa County's establishment media is seriously broken. It almost never exposes the most serious wrongdoings of Mesa County's "Good Old Boy" corruptocratic government criminals so the public can effectively hold their so-called "servants" accountable. For example, the VDM -- ("Vestigial Dinosaur Media", a euphemism I prefer to "MSM") -- almost never makes public the actual work product of judges. If the public could see much of it, they would be outraged.

Without going into great detail here, it suffices to say that, as a fan of equal protection of law and Rule of Law for ALL humans regardless of shape, size, gender, skin color, ad infinitum, your humble webmaster is VERY offended by 1) the fact that there is no law in family courts, only what the judge wants to do, 2) men have absolutely no constitutional rights in the misandristic Feminazi Culture pandemic in family courts under the fraudulent rubric of "for the children", 3) ongoing serial perjury by females in family courts is actually encouraged and facilitated via the fact Colorado's perjury statutes1 are simply not enforced against females in Colorado family courts, which means there are zero consequences for serial perjurers so long as they happen to be female, 4) assessment of income and child support for males and females is, by unspoken design, BLATANTLY unequal in Colorado family courts, and 5) arrogant "self-anointed-as-immune2-from-personal-liability" judicial officers who commit crimes (including felonies) against nonbar pro se litigants who appear before them in family court.

To rectify the Mesa County VDM's unacceptable shortcomings, your humble webmaster set up an outfit, the "Mesa County Sunshine Brigade which, through its free-to-subscribers newspaper, the "Mesa County Sunshine Press" will "joyfully drag government criminals kicking and screaming into the sunlight", in what it calls the "Mesa County Sunshine Project".

Please feel free to copy and distribute all or any part -- in context, of course -- of any edition of Mesa County Sunshine Press.


(NOTE: The first three archived pamphlets below were actually published some twenty-five years ago under the title "Common Sense" in honor of Thomas Paine. The Mesa County Sunshine Press is patterned after them.)

1990-07-04 "Legal" Bigotry (Part 3); The Big Lie; The Media Attack Dog, Political Vendettas, and The Real Tax Cheats

1989-07-04 "Legal" Bigotry In Mesa County (Part 2)

1988-10-05 Judges and Justices


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Divorce Corp Film: All Powerful Judges (Documentary) - YouTube Video - "There is no law in family court. There's only what the judge wants to do. Period." ~ Bonnie Russell (Family Law Reform Advocate)
"All judges have the same middle name: 'God'" ~ Gerald Nissenbaum (Boston attorney

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1. See "C.R.S. § 18-8-502. Perjury in the first degree.
(1) A person commits perjury in the first degree if in any official proceeding he knowingly makes a materially false statement, which he does not believe to be true, under an oath required or authorized by law.
(2) Knowledge of the materiality of the statement is not an element of this crime, and the defendant's mistaken belief that his statement was not material is not a defense, although it may be considered by the court in imposing sentence.
(3) Perjury in the first degree is a class 4 felony."
(Unless, of course, you happen to be a female litigant in family court! In that case, family court judges and magistrates don't mind -- of course every last one of them will persuasively lie about that unspoken FACT.)

2. Read the cases below and try not to throw up at the ugly neo-feudalistic arrogance and injustice. Please note specifically the reasoning of the dissenting justices in Bradley, Pierson and Stump, with whom your humble webmaster agrees.
Randall v. Brigham - 74 U.S. 523 (1868)
Bradley v. Fisher, 80 U.S. (13 Wallace) 335 (April 8, 1872)
Pierson v. Ray, 386 U.S. 547 (1967)
Stump v. Sparkman, 435 U.S. 349 (1978)

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