Week of 2014-03-17 (Whistleblowers)

2014-03-17 I.M. Disgruntled

This is an entirely fictitious parody/satire letter to show what this part of the M.C.C.C. website will look like.
I am a fictitious clerk for fictitious Judge Hypocrite Q. Jerkweed in Down The Rabbit Hole District Court.
I can't stand my fictitious boss, Judge Jerkweed. The other day, right after he imposed the maximum sentence on some guy for watching kiddie porn, Jerkweed told me that if I refused to have sex with him, he would see to it that my ex-husband got sole custody of my two fictitious children.
Judge Jerkweed is every bit as bad as Donald Thompson, the penis pump judge.
In my opinion, this rotten sexist pig is one of the local Good Old Boy gang, and he needs to be investigated, fired and put in prison. Lots of people know that he is one of the biggest cocaine dealers in town.
I have even filled out a notarized fictitious Colorado general affidavit form, to prove that what I am saying is the truth, and that I am not ashamed to say it.
I.M. Disgruntled
Grand Junction

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