Week of 2014-03-17 (VDM)


The following is a fictitious example what a submission to this page would look like:

2014-03-17 Leroy Whiner

On ________________ (you fill in the date), I submitted the following entirely fictitious letter to the ______________ (you fill in the blank) and they said I was stupid and refused to publish it.
This is a fictitious parody/satire letter to show what this part of the M.C.C.C. website will look like.
I can't stand the Daily Sentinel's "You Said It Column". It seems like "bread and circuses" entertainment for the livestock/citizenry. Nobody has ever paid for my meal at a restaurant, and I think I deserve it a lot more than those morons who write in to "You Said It".
My neighbor's dog barks on one side of my house, and my neighbor on the other side refuses to cut his weeds.
I'm really bummed by these jerks, so I think I'll go eat worms.
Leroy Whiner
Grand Junction

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