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"Committees of Correspondence" were a crucially important tool which America's founders used to fight against King George's propaganda and keep track of what was actually going on in their world. With the advent of personal computers, the Internet, the World Wide Web and hyperlinking, getting real news out to real people in real time — and thereby fighting against the lies and spin of the so-called "Main Stream Media (MSM) — has become exponentially easier and cheaper. It is now possible to send out newsletters and alerts via email to literally thousands of people simultaneously in about a sixtieth of a second for a sixth of a cent. Cool, huh?! (Note: for you new surfers who want to read the rest of this introduction, just click HERE or click on "Read more" right below the banner.)

Why the Mesa County Committee of Correspondence is important and timely

Your humble webmaster says the following as a pro-self-ownership individual who firmly believes in both the moral correctness and sustainability of free markets, both of ideas and goods and services.

Capital stole Labor long ago. How that was done is set forth in an essay titled "On the Deception of Money: How 'Capital' Has Stolen Labor".

The bottom line is that Labor is ignorant in the subjects such as Economics 101, Politics 101, Government 101 and Law 101. One of the goals of the Mesa County Committee of Correspondence is the help cure those deficiencies.

How To Talk To Police 101; How and why Rule of Law, per se, is not enforced in Mesa County

By John Wilkenson

I want to begin by being absolutely unequivocally crystal clear that many people who work in law enforcement -- (by general the term "law enforcement", I mean to include the people who work in the judicial, district attorney, sheriff's, police departments, jails, etc) -- are decent, hard-working and well-intended people, absolutely worthy of our sincere respect, gratitude, cooperation and assistance. I want to be equally clear that, in my opinion, society very much needs constitution-obedient policing to protect decent law-abiding citizens from "bad guy" scumbags. That means if a law-enforcement officer has 4th-Amendment-valid probable cause to believe a suspect has committed, is committing, or is imminently about to commit a violation of some criminal statute, the suspect should arrested, put in the paddy wagon and deposited in jail by the officer WITH THE LEAST AMOUNT OF PHYSICAL FORCE NECESSARY. Obviously, under extreme conditions, the officer might be forced to use deadly force his or her own life or the life of another. But those situations should be VERY few and far between.

Unfortunately, despite what we were all taught by our parents, churches and schools, that is NOT what happens, and that is NOT the way the actual mechanics of so-called "law enforcement" works in real life. In the past two years I have learned the following FACT: In real life, THERE IS NO SUCH THING as "enforcement of the law (statutes) per se. There is only WHAT LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL WANT TO DO with a given situation. Let's look at how and why that is true.

Introducing the Mesa County Sunshine Brigade -- "dragging government criminals kicking and screaming into the sunlight!"

By John Wilkenson

"If we care about our remaining liberties we must at some point draw a line in the sand and let politicians and bureaucrats know we will not tolerate further encroachment on our God-given rights to liberty." ~ Walter E. Williams

With absolutely no disrespect whatsoever intended toward anyone -- especially any friend of self-ownership -- having watched any number of online conversations between local freedom activists, I have to say that it looks like trying to get activists on the same page is not unlike trying to herd cats. Hence this little tutorial on "Cat Herding 101". (That's meant as a harmless joke, fellow liberty lovers, so PLEASE accept it that way!)

Mesa County's Rampant Social Security Fraud and Judicial Corruption – Isn't It Time To Recall the Commissioners En Masse?

By John Wilkenson

(Note: Interested persons can read Part 1 of this exposé HERE and/or HERE.)

This exposé/essay is in part a citizen's indictment of corrupt government, and, in part, an experiment to see if internet/computer technology and citizen journalism -- (BE THE MEDIA!) -- can win a political contest against the VDM (vestigial dinosaur media, aka "MSM") and the duopoly (GOP/DEM) establishment corruptocrats who have a political stranglehold on Mesa County. It is an exercise in 1st-Amendment-protected political/opinion speech. For all those individuals who like to incessantly whine to their friends about Mesa County's corrupt "Good Old Boy" (GOB) gang while doing nothing of real effect/impact to correct the situation, I (your humble author/editor) very much need your help in getting the truth out about the systemic "circling of the wagons" to cover up local judicial felonies1. You can help by sharing this exposé/essay with every Mesa County resident/voter you know. Please feel free to copy and disseminate all or any part of it.

How Local Judges' Crimes Have Kept Local Man From Seeing Two Of His Children For 17 Years

By John Wilkenson

I considered making the title of this exposé either, "How judicial crimes, faux 'oversight' by the Mesa County Commissioners, and a 'blackout' of the story by the Good Old Daily Sentinel enable rampant corruption at the Mesa County Department of Human Services" or "A Treatise on Men's Rights In Family Courts". But brevity and pithiness prevailed.

There is no nice way to say this: in my opinion, several former and current public “servants” deserve to do serious prison time for the egregious crimes -- yes, that includes felonies -- they have committed against my brother David in family court.

MC Sheriff's Deputies' overreaction to "Banana Man" makes Mesa County the laughing stock of the whole world

By John Wilkenson

The original story, written by Daily Sentinel reporter, Charles Ashby, was first published in the Daily Sentinel on Monday, November 24, 2014 under the title, "Man tells deputies aiming a banana was stunt; he’s jailed, anyway". The story has gone viral, including being linked by Drudge, and much of the cyberspace community seems to take great pleasure in making fun of the Colorado's "stupid pussy cops" who apparently can't tell the difference between a banana and a gun and are calling Nathan Channing "Banana Man". The polls I've seen indicate a majority of the public believe charges of felony menacing are a gross overreaction to the factual reality of the case. In my opinion, this typical police-state situation is far more lawless and sinister than it appears at first glance. Let's look at it.

How to take Mesa County back from the Good Old Boy gang precinct by precinct -- Politics 101

By John Wilkenson

According to a 02/07/2012 story in the Denver Post titled "GOP worries that precinct confusion will triumph in Colorado caucuses", the number of precincts in Mesa County "dropped from 82 to 57 as some were consolidated and others were adjusted." All that means is that a practical grassroots "Take Back Mesa County" political1 strategy which might have been called "328 Boots On The Ground" can now be called "228 Boots On The Ground" because of the reduced number of precincts. "228 boots" extrapolates to 114 real live human beings. That's not very many in a county with a population of 150,000 or so. In fact, it's less that 1/10th of one percent. I was born and raised in Mesa County, so nobody can tell me that fewer than .1% of her people are interested in individual freedom and transparency and accountability in government. All that's needed is a little useful information and networking.

New Citizen Media v. Old Vestigial Dinosaur Media -- How to out-compete your local "Good Old Boys"

By John Wilkenson

(NOTE: There are many text/links in this essay. They look grey, but if you put your cursor on them, they become underlined so you can see them to click on them. All of the banner/links also take you to a destination URL.)

The Vestigial Dinosaur Media (VDM) is rapidly approaching extinction. Digital technology has bypassed chopping trees to make newspapers. Internet technology has taken the money out of politics by allowing you to send a multi-page message to thousands of people all around the world in a sixtieth of second for a sixth of a cent. To get information out to the public in real time, it is no longer necessary to own a multi-million-dollar building with a multi-million-dollar press, a multi-million-dollar payroll and scores of employees. One pajama-clad blogger typing away in his mother's basement can even the playing field by using websites and social media.

The Hegelian VDM serves Power (over the Other) and tries to make a living by "managing the news", perpetuating delusional social divisions -- (e.g. black v. white, women v. men, haves v. have nots, young v. old, ad infitum) -- and moulding your opinions. I fight against Power (over the Other) and don't try to "manage" the news. Like Matt Drudge, I just "retweet" the news and let you decide whether or not to read it. Of course, I do use #hashtags to target demographics to which my retweets go. Hyperlink technology lets citizen journalists like me use whole books and videos as footnotes to spread information and empower the individual for free. In today's high-tech playing field, the tree-chopping VDM is sort of like a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.

Why I'm voting for Pat Arotin -- Part 2

By John Wilkenson

(NOTE: To see an update in events, please scroll down to "UPDATE" below. There are many text/links in this essay. They look grey, but if you put your cursor on them, they become underlined so you can see them to click on them. All of the banner/links also take you to a destination URL.)

If I told you I was voting for Pat Arotin not only because of what I consider to be an over-the-top Daily Sentinel editorial but also what I suspect are dirty tricks from the Matt Lewis camp, you might say, "What?! Say it ain't so, Joe!" So let's look at it.

Yesterday, Mesa County Sheriff's Department (MCSD) "Information & Communications Manager", Heather Benjamin (above right), sent me what I consider to be an inappropriate email requesting that I take down the little informational banner/link of the MCSD logo (above left) which is linked to the Mesa County Sheriff's website for the sole informational, educational and journalistic purpose of facilitating public access to a public website. At that moment, the story became about Heather Benjamin and the logo. Of course it's pretty hard to write a story about a logo unless you engage in the 1st-Amendment-protected journalistic fair use of showing the public what the logo you are talking about looks like.

I'm still in the process of deciding whether or not to take the image down. But I need more information from Ms. Benjamin first. I'll get to the reasons why I believe my use of a low-resolution thumbnail-size image as an informational link to the MCSD website is perfectly legal in a minute. First I want to articulate my logic-based suspicion about what I would consider to be dirty tricks from the Matt Lewis camp.

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